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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
For over 80 years SIHI Pumps has maintained it's position as a leading supplier of liquid ring vacuum pumps to a wide range of process and related markets. Close contact is maintained with customers to ensure that product development is geared to market place needs. This is supported by investment in "state of the art" manufacturing to promote consistent quality, competitive lead times and ensure competitive pricing.

Technical Data
Suction volume flow: up to 22,087 m³/h
Suction pressure: 33 up to 1013 mbar

Product Series Single Stage: LOH / LPH / LPHX - C - V - N / LEH
Product Series Two Stage: LOH / LPH / LPHX

Product Series Close Coupled: LEM / LEME - S - B / LEL / LELB
Product Series Waste Disposal Vehicles: SLA - B
Product Series Compact Vacuum Systems: PLC

SIHI Liquid ring vacuum pumps are robust of construction with the following features and benefits like near isothermal compression, oil-free (no internal lubrication), capable of handling almost all gases and vapours, able to handle quantities of liquid “carry over”, low maintenance and safe operation, low noise and almost vibration free, available in a wide range of materials, broad range of applications, O-ring sealing as standard, cavitation protection as standard, drain hole as standard, built-in solids drain and rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear.


More Information

Handling and exhausting of dry and humid gases. Entrained liquid can be handled during normal duty. The pumps are applied in all fields where a pressure of 33 to 1013 mbar must be created by robust vacuum pumps.

Fields of application are for example the chemical and pharmaceutical industry (distilling and degassing), the electric industry (impregnation and drying), the plastics industry (degassing), mining, pulp & paper, sugar industry and many more.
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